Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Soundtrack

I love this song, and it's great for kick-starting a busy week. Here's to hoping this week is as productive and balanced as last. Some of my crafty projects from last week are after the video. enjoy*

I'm so happy with this scarf::

It's the mustard scarf{ravelry link} by Jane Richmond. The pattern itself fulfills a general idea that I've been trying to find - a short scarf or cowl that's bulky but airy. If that makes sense...I have an idea for another version that I want to try out and then I think it's time to be done with knitting for myself {ETA: as soon as I finish up those knee socks and add a pompom to my new winter hat!} and on to knitting for gift giving!

And what thrills me just as much as the pattern is the yarn I used. This is some Nature Wool that I bought a couple of years ago at Article Pract. It's a variegated combination of shades of green and greenish yellow. I bought three skeins and then they sat in my knitting basket "looking ugly". So I thought that I'd use one skein for this project and then dye it after I was finished knitting, but as soon as I put it around my neck, my affection for this color returned. So experimenting with dying will have to wait for another day.

And, the Christmas crafting has fully begun! I'm working on some new edible and drinkable treats. This is the first phase of limoncello making, letting the zest soak in the vodka::

And after one night, the vodka had already turned a brilliant yellow!::

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I take it you learned how to take off the border?