Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nature all the way.*

So I have a minor re-use/re-new project to share, and it made me think about how if I had to pick a side {Nature vs. Technology}, I'm going Nature all the way. But we'll get back to that.

A week or so after moving into my new place, I found this lovely item out with the neighbor's trash:
It's a small desk, just the size I was looking for to go in my small room. Something big enough for my computer {or two, but we'll get back to that} or sewing machine, but not so big that it's in the way.

As I saw it, the top of the desk looked beautiful, there was nothing wrong with the finish or the wood. The legs, they were a different story, it still seems funny to me that this top was paired with such rickety legs. But really, a new paint job would hide so much of the juxtaposition between the two and no one would be the wiser.

So, a new coat of paint and this is what I have: Although, you'll notice that the desk is missing a drawer, but I was thinking of just putting a bottom where the drawer should be and using it as a little shelf or opening to store papers in, no drawer necessary.

And in that last picture, it almost looks like I have two fully functioning computers? The picture lies. To write this blog post, I had to upload pictures from the mac on the right (the one set up to sync with my camera... the camera which only works with a fresh set of batteries.... which only takes one picture before it turns off because it's out of batteries... that camera). After pictures are uploaded, I move over to the computer on left, the one with a full set of functioning keys, to write the post (maybe you're wishing at this point that I didn't write and just stuck with the pictures?, maybe you're not on my team?). But then, say I were going to share this blog post with you through a projector? It's back to computer #1 (no lie), because computer #2 wants nothing to do with projectors, and immediately freezes in the limelight. Fun times.

BUT I still have a functioning ipod, and I still love it. It's the beautiful wooden desk top to that set of warn and weary desk legs.

While technology has puttered out on me, fall in New England keeps piling on the charm. Nature, you win.

Here are some pictures (with the f'in camera) from a hike two weekends ago in New Hampshire:

Next up, some new knitting & the start of the Christmas gifts!

*Full Disclosure - The author and a stray cup of coffee may be responsible for the keys on computer #1 not working, but they take no responsibility for the G.D. camera.

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sarah said...

Mwaaahahahah. I have kind of the same problems with my computers.. The little net book has internet, the desktop does not. The desktop is compatible with my hard drive, the babe is not. Flip flopping and switching are part of my daily routine.