Monday, August 30, 2010

Hyderabad --> GOA!

We left behind the busy streets of Hyderabad with its::

{happy bikers}
{kit-kats by the pound!}
{after school traffic ~ 4 boys and a grandpa on the bike!}
{bike traffic}
{and flower deliveries}

For the beaches of GOA!!

The daily traffic has slowed dramatically and now consists of::
{dogs and marigolds}
{pineapple delivery}
{decorated stairwells}
{and happy swimmers}


Nicole said...

fun, fun. (holy kit-kats!!) xoxo

Anonymous said...

These photos are seriously amazing! They are so simple yet very telling; I love them all! I wish I was there. Tell C I'll carry the bags on the next trip. Oh and I miss you a ton!