Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ride through Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city in transition. The city had 20,000 people in 1900, but growth in IT industries has resulted in a growth to over 6.3 million today. With this population growth, the city has expanded geographically. We're staying in "Hitech City", which is {obviously} a new section of the city, so really getting a feel for the real Hyderabad required going deep into the old city. Here are a few pictures from the ride. There's no particular theme, just a sample of the sites from our auto rickshaw {pictured above}.

{Schools and School Children}


Notice the chickens in this next shot. Along this these guys, we also saw many cows, goats, and a camel walking the streets yesterday!

And finally, some happy faces in the traffic::

Next up some pictures from our stroll through the maze of alleyways!

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Nicole said...

Yeah! Photos from your adventure. I have been excited to see all the sights.

But...I'm especially excited to see all the shots you snap of C's surprised face when he wins some super-duper Math award! I can't wait to tell everyone that I knew you two before all the glitz!!