Thursday, October 14, 2010

How you know...

You're a true crafter : you're driving down the highway with a bobbin of thread hanging out your car door and the thread magically winds itself around your tire valve! I wanted to keep it there for as long as possible, but unfortunately the garage cut it off when I went in for an oil change last week... and yes, I could use a set of hubcaps to cover those cruddy wheels.

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Seraphina Firenze said...

Dear Dr Pea,
Hubcaps are there for a reason, not just covering ugly rims. A few years ago, a niece of mine had her tires rotated. A few days later, on her way to visit her grandparents, she heard this weird banging noise in the front of the car. She mentioned it to her Pop, he took the car for a spin, and when he came back, he asked her if she had changed a tire recently. She told him of the rotation, he went about popping off hubcaps until he found the one with three of the five rim nuts lying in the bottom. The serviceman who rotated the tires did not tighten them properly. Need I say more?? Yes, I think I do. Sprint thee to a salvage yard and buy ye four. I don't care if they match or not. Get them!