Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daisies! {or translating crochet}

Fall weather has arrived in full force here in Boston, but the daisies are still blooming! {I know, you're groaning at my cutesy.}The last time these made an appearance on the blog, I was just using Soozs' pattern. Anyone looking at her pattern, beware :: there is a difference between the British and American English crochet terminology! What they {the Brits} call a double crochet, we {The Yankees} call a single. What they call a treble, we call a double. You can find the translations here.

So, I was making the small ones for a while sitting on the beach way back in August {it seems like a year ago}, I had a brainstorm. Using some of the stitches I learned while making the hexagon afghan {which is coming along nicely}, I could make a larger daisy!

So, here's what I do {using the American terminology}:
~First the inner circle~
-make the same 4-chain loop as you do for the small daisies
-chain 2 {here many folks will say chain 3, but I prefer 2, do as you like}
-then, double-crochet into the loop 10 times {just to re-iterate, the american double-crochet}
-form a complete circle by joining your last double crochet to your first

~Now the petals~
-Chain three
-Make a bobble stitch in the next free stitch on your "inner circle"
--you can find instructions and a video for the bobble stitch here.
-Chain three
-Now you're going to finish the petal by attaching your chain to the next free stitch on your inner circle.
-Repeat the preceding 4 steps 4 more times. You'll end up with a five-petalled daisy that's slightly larger than Soozs' version.

These directions are a bit sparse, but I think if you start by making Soozs' daisies first, then you'll have no trouble making this larger version... just remember, are you doing your double crochet with an American or an English accent? It makes all the difference.

And, once you have the pattern down, it's super easy to make daisies with different colored centers::
One of these weekends when all the crafty ladies get together we're going to make a long chain of these daisies {like Soozs' necklace}, and I think it's going to look awesome with both the large and small flowers!

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