Monday, December 06, 2010

Breaking in the Craft Room

Last week the craft room looked like this::

After a trip for supplies, and the start of some projects, I'm sure the room will never be the same! ... and I realize that it's a lost cause to ever try to return this room to the "before" picture. The challenge is convincing C that it's ok to ignore the mess and just close the door.

The craft room has seen a lot of use because I'm trying my hardest to finish up some Christmas presents before I hop on a plane for Germany and the Christmas Markets!

So, before I leave, I thought I would put up a few posts this week that introduce you to the house by introducing you to some of projects on the horizon! Unfortunately today's project of secret Christmas presents cannot be shared {so much for my awesome plan for the blog!}.

As a bonus, here's the material pile for a future project for the craft room:: It's an experiment for the wedding. We're thinking of going with some unconventional seating for the ceremony, and it may require a few quilts. So rather than buy something, I have a fun idea for making heaving duty "quilts" that can be used again as picnic blankets. One side will be an army blanket, and the other will be a fun combination of colorful fabrics. The pile above includes some cotton from Jo-ann's and Ikea.

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