Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the table

With the heat keeping me away from the stove, and a fresh head of cabbage from my pop's garden, I came up with a contingency plan this week :: Asian Coleslaw, and lots of it!

I love cabbage-based salads in the summer, they're such a nice and hearty change of pace after weeks of eating lettuce-based salads {although I know, with a few nuts and beans those can be hearty meal too!}. With my cabbage in the fridge, I did a quick internet search to see what types of coleslaws I could find. I was looking for something new, and if I didn't find anything, I would return to my summer-cabbage-salad-favorite :: Ramen Noodle Salad! I love that salad.

You'd think that the ramen version would be called "Asian Coleslaw", but what I found may be my new favorite slaw! This version skips the noodles, and uses a variety of ingredients found in Chinese and Thai cooking to make the dressing. Find the recipe here. I didn't follow it exactly, skipping the Nappa and red cabbages, as well as the ginger in the dressing. I loved the results, but want to try it again with the ginger.

At dinner I paired it with cheddar cheese on toasted sourdough with a touch of my mom's Chili Sauce ~ more details on the sauce soon!

Having big batches of salads like this in the fridge make packing lunch so easy. What else makes it easy? My cute little tiffin from India.

It's a three layer tiffin, but on two-layer days, I just close it with rubber bands.

Lunch today included the salad, {sweating} cheddar cheese, tomatoes, a hard boiled egg, and melted chocolate for dessert.

This weekend I'll be busy in the kitchen working on some homemade ice cream! I'll keep you posted.

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