Tuesday, July 05, 2011

We did it!

We had ourselves one fantastic wedding! And we lived to tell the tale...

As I may have mentioned, we did a whole lot of crafting for the wedding. Originally I thought I'd share projects as they happened, but in the end, I liked keeping most things a secret, and now we have a whole lot to talk about!

Inspired by my drink this weekend {a mojito with lemons rather than limes}, I thought I'd ease back into things and talk about colors.

I originally wanted a yellow and grey color scheme ~ big on the yellow and just using the grey when we needed a color to tone things down. If you're unsure about that idea, a quick google search shows you that there are a lot of great yellow and grey weddings out there. But as I started to put together some of the projects, I thought it would be fun to add touches of red and green... think bowl of strawberries meets lemonade with a touch of mint. Or red table meets mint mojito with a touch of lemon.

I put together a little pinterest board {after the wedding} in an effort to convey the ideas I was having before the wedding. If only I had jumped on the pinterest bandwagon sooner ~ it would have been a great way to get all of my ideas out of my head and in one place for everyone to see!

Our first touch of red came from Ikea's TEKLA dishtowels {pictured on the pinterest board}. These were used as the cloth napkins at each place setting. ETA:: when I bought the 100+ towels/napkins for our event, they were priced at 49 cents a piece. We really got lucky, because as you see they're now up to 79 cents a pop!

Above the tables, we hung yards of bunting. This project was super easy to make, and although I was worried, it didn't look like we were going to open a used-car lot!

We cut out a cardboard template that was used to trace triangles on our fabric. These were cut out with pinking sheers. Wanting the bunting to be two-sided, two triangles were stitched together with right sides out to make each individual flag {or bunt?}.

We used 1 inch wide, heavyweight twill tape folded in half for the top of the bunting, remembering to leave a bit of extra twill tape at each end for tying to the tents.

I ordered our twill tape in 72 yard spools from twilltape.com, and now I love the internet even more for having a website that specializes in twill tape.

Sticking with our festive flag projects, I made a whole bunch of mini flags like these::
I got the idea after seeing these flags at Herriot and Grace. The project turned out a lot simpler than I expected. I cut pieces of ribbon, glued them to the skewer, and added one stitch with a needle and thread to make them extra secure. After the ribbons were on, I handed them over to my sister to make different cuts in the ribbon ends and then dip them in No Fray. We used a variety of ribbons, some with wiring, some without, and we even made some with extra large yellow rikrak. Now I want another excuse to buy more jump rikrak!

Finally, I'll leave you with the raw materials for a quick, last minute project::

We had a few friends and high school students assisting us with food service and cleanup throughout the day. They were all wearing black, and so I wanted to give them something that would add a little color to their outfits and help them to stand out in the crowd as someone who guests could approach if they needed a drink, had questions about the food, etc. At first I thought I would make them aprons from the Ikea towels, but then I saw this toweling fabric from the Fabric Depot and knew that it'd be perfect! It looks a little granny-ish/country-ish, which fit in well with our use of old china on the buffet table and the bluegrass band.

The toweling fabric is meant for making dishtowels, so it's already hemmed on two ends ~ you just cut it to the width you want and hem the remaining two sides. I did that, and then used some of our leftover twill tape to make the apron ties.

So with all of the yellow, red, and green, where's the grey? We used these grey blankets {also pictured on the pinterest board} for some of the seating during the ceremony. And the bridesmaids looked fabulous in their grey wedge TOMS.

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