Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Soundtrack {wedding edition}

Calder and I both like a wide variety of music, our soundtracks for workdays are different from our Saturday mornings, and that's different from our Saturday nights. We made an effort to share some of that variety on the wedding day, and the credit for how awesome it turned out really goes to C as he took a lead on the music planning.

We were so very lucky to be able to hire the Wissahickon Chicken Shack to play during our ceremony, during cocktail hour, and after dinner. They are a fantastic bluegrass band out of the Philly area, and they really added to that relaxed, backyard picnic feeling that we wanted to evoke. It was also the perfect choice of music that our guests, both young and old, could sit back and enjoy or get up and dance to. And of course, nothing says farmhouse wedding like a cat hanging around the bluegrass band:: She didn't leave her post all day!

If you're in the Finger Lakes region this weekend, they'll be playing a few shows. And if you aren't lucky enough to see them in person, YouTube will have to do::

Reason #101 why we love them :: The band played their own rendition of Bruce's Two for the Road (click here for the lyrics) for Calder and I to dance/stumble to.

Here's Bruce's version of Two for the Road, and note that at the beginning of the video it's black, but everything works out in the end ::

After the band cleared out, the DJ stepped in, and the rest of the night looked like this::

And sounded a bit like this::

Our DJ was a friend of my sister's and she brought the barn down. Calder is particular about his dance music, and he loved her! We want to take over the barn and hire her every weekend. Best night ever.

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