Friday, September 09, 2011

Holy Amaryllis Batman!!

Check out the flowers on this one:: ... and at such an odd time of year. As I mentioned back in June. This was an amaryllis that bloomed last winter. The flowers were/are beautiful and I wanted to try to keep it around for another year.

According to the care instructions I found online {here's a great resource}, I should put the plant outside for the summer to let it recharge its bulb, and then put it in a cool shady place in September to let it hibernate before forcing it again this winter. To my surprise,a new bud growing a couple of weeks ago. Apparently this particular bulb didn't check in for instructions on the internet. At that point I figured it was too late to do anything, so I just crossed my fingers that we'd get some big pretty flowers this second time around. And we did!

The huge flowers have been a nice treat, particularly during this week of grey, rainy days.

As you can see, there are no more leaves, as these flowers started to open, the leaves began to brown and get mildew on them, so I snipped them off. As a result, I think this will be the last bang for the bulb. I'll start my amaryllis-tending experiment again this winter with a new bulb {or two!}.

ps ~ the cross-stitched picture in the photo was a gift from my sister! It used to sit in Calder's bathroom in CA, and now we have it in the kitchen, a fun reminder to um, love the good sh*t?

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