Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pennsylvania Fiber Whaaa?

Dudes, there's a PA Fiber Festival. Did you know?

Our weekends have been busy driving from one bike race to another. First there was the Lancaster race, where we happened upon the Lancaster Arts Fest.

Then last weekend between the Montrose road race::

and the Pine Grover Furnace time trial::

We discovered the PA Fiber Festival {in it's 8th year!}. Who knew? Not me, obviously. We saw a sign for the festival off of US81, and stopped by after the Montrose race. Unfortunately for the venders, I think the week's floods kept many visitors away from the festival, fortunately for me, the aisles were open and it was a perfect chance to get out of the car and stretch my legs.

It was a nice little festival, much smaller than the more well-known and older New York and Maryland festivals, but definitely worth the trip if you want a chance to buy some quality fiber products and want to meet the farmers, animals, dyers, and spinners making your yarns!

I purchased a couple of skeins from Unplanned Peacock Studio ~ the yellow lace-weight and red sock-weight ~ and a couple of skeins of Icelandic wool from Hearts Ease Farm. I was hoping to take the lace with me to work on a new scarf this weekend, but I haven't been able to settle on a pattern {what you see on the needles is a failed test swatch}. So, I'm taking the wool, and am hoping to whip out a quick hat based upon that swatch... if there's anything I learned from my many visits to the bay area and northern CA, it never hurts to bring a cozy knit hat or two {particularly when camping}!

If you go, don't miss the trick mirror in the bathroom*

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