Thursday, September 08, 2011

Back to School Fun

Who doesn't want their own chalkboard? Seriously. Well, Calder for one ~ he'd take a white board any day over a chalkboard. And we'll let him keep his whiteboard in the man cave.

But me, I couldn't wait to put a big chalkboard in the craft room, especially after my success with the front door.

Even though I like the traditional slate and green colored boards, I thought they might be too dark for this project. The craft room is on the north side of our house, and it only has one window, so I decided to pick out a lighter color from Rust Oleum's selection of chalkboard paint...

What do you think? I went with the periwinkle colorway. With the first brush stroke, my stomach was in knots because it looked too purple, but now that it's up on the wall with a bit of chalk on it, I like it. I'm focusing more on its blue and grayish tones and trying to ignore the purples.

And now that I have a place to scheme, all of my crafty-whims are on the wall.

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