Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Johnny or Money?

Meet our new buddy, Cash!

About the pup::
~ he's about six months old
~ he's a mutt, a mix, a heinz 57, we don't know what he is
~ he's super gentle and calm for being a puppy, but put a squirrel in front of him and you can barely contain the crazy
~ he may have gotten into the cat litter once or three times {we finally bought another gate to keep him out}
~ tipping the scales at 45 pounds or so, he fancies himself a lap dog and will crawl right up the moment you sit down

About the name::
~ he came with it
~ we don't know whether it's short for Johnny Cash or for Cash Money {he is from Philly after all}
~ to keep up appearances, we're assuming his first name is Johnny, but to cover our bases, he goes by Ca$h
~ he comes when we call it

1 comment:

sarah schu said...

Ca$h is growing up to be so handsome! I'm wish I could steal your seven grain salad and bean salad right out of the computer. yummm. Also, what flavor cliff bar is that? Do I see something with coconut? I'm having dave bring me 5 boxes because I already went through the two I packed over the last month. They are a lifesaver.