Wednesday, November 02, 2011


This amaryllis just won't take a break.

~ It bloomed beautifully last Christmas.

~I put it on the porch this summer, and it bloomed again this August...

~ In September I put it in a dark, cool closet in our basement to hibernate. My plan was to bring it back out near the end of November hoping for more flowers this Christmas... After ignoring it for well over a month, I opened the closet to pull out a halloween costume, and found this::

The amaryllis is growing! It's white because the closet was completely dark. I figured that since it made it this far, there was nothing for me to do, but bring it up stairs and see if it flowers all over again!

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Drunk Jeff said...

How large is that plant Kathryn? And should there be a comma between plant and Kathryn?

Also college-kinda edumacated,