Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Seeing that dirty carpet at the top of the blog is all the motivation I need to post again. How about something easier on the eyes?

Just in time for fall it's Stasis! The pattern's from one of the awesome Brooklyn Tweed collections. It's written using the Loft yarn, which is a bit pricey, but sosososososo so perfect and worth the investment for a sweater that I hope to have around for years.

I used their barn owl {tan} and old world colors {blue with flecks of reds}.

I'm often substituting yarns, which can sometimes be a mind bender when you have to adjust the number of stitches or rows to get the right size, so it's really nice to use the yarn called for a just blindly follow the pattern {almost}.

My only adjustments to the pattern were to knit the sleeves and body a few inches longer than suggests. As my physics teacher pointed out in 10th grade, I have a low center of gravity {shorter legs and a longer torso than average}, which he said made me a good player on the soccer field. With that tidbit, I find that I'm always knitting patterns longer than written to cover my long bits.

This was my first time knitting stranded color-work for a sweater, and I found the instructions in this pattern really helpful. I followed all of their needle guidelines {using a larger size for the color-work portion}, and I was mindful to keep things in that area loose.

The sweater's mainly knit on size three needles, which seems crazy small for a whole sweater, but it's a nice change of pace to produce a thinner sweater that still warm. And since there's no design or pattern work occurring in the torso, it's really easy to zip through a lot of length in a sitting. I called this my Tour de France and Olympic sweater, because the long plain knitting complimented evenings in front of the TV.

And call me crazy, but I want to keep the size three needles out and start on another one right away!

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Lynn said...

ok I'm coming out of some kind of reverse hibernation- and have been tracking back and catching up- just had to say this sweater is just perfect- it looks smashing-hooray for the return of sweater weather!