Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fuse Update

I finished this sweater in April, and then it went in the closet until this week when there was a definite fall chill in the air. So after a full day of wear, I thought it was worthy of a little update.

As I mentioned in the first post, the drape of the front panels is a bit funky, but as Flossie pointed out, it's likely the result of blocking it flat rather than on a dress form. So, that's something that can easily be remedied once I borrow that dress form :-).

Lucky for vest-loving me, between the nice big/doubled cowl neck and the fitted sleeves, this sweater perfect for vest wearing. There's no need for a scarf, and there's no extra sleeve fabric around the shoulders that would bunch up and make it uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, I realized yesterday that it is getting too dark too quickly for our long after-work hikes... and photo-shoots. Not the best photos. And do you see the ghost in the photo below? That's our best distance shot.

Finally, it's teaberry season! If it's dark and we're still not back from our hike, don't worry about us ~ we're just competing with the bears to gobble up the berries.

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