Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Gifts :: For the Home

It was fun this year to be able to get into the craft room and create some smaller, simple gifts with materials I had stockpiled.

Sometime about two years ago, I picked up these smallish jars in a thrift shop. I didn't have an exact plan for them, and I knew that I didn't need them for anything, but at $2 a pop, they were hard to pass up.

Fast forward to this fall when I was oiling the cutting boards in my house and realized that some spool oil would be a nice little gift for my mom and sister ~ both bakers and makers with plenty of wooden spoons and boards.

One batch was the perfect amount to fill both jars, and it should keep them well supplied for a couple of years. I oil my boards and spoons about three or four times a year and still have plenty of stock from my original batch.

The other small, extra gifts that I tucked in packages this year were lavender sachets. The lavender came from our garden last June ~ I hung it to dry and then stored it away until I had a plan. These were whipped out in an afternoon in front of the sewing machine ~ just a simple rectangle with some lace for decoration and a loop for hanging. I then slipped them into gifts that were knitted or crocheted for our moms and sisters {more on those tomorrow!}.

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