Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Gifts :: The Knitted and Crocheted

I had the best of intentions to make a couple of sweaters, but those plans were crushed by my fall travels. Instead, I finish some accessories for all of the ladies in our families :: knitted goods for the ladies on my side and a new, crocheted project for the ladies on C's side.

Kris received a bulky hat with a touch of those bright colors that she loves. This was a made-up pattern from start to finish using Bernat roving and left over bits of wool brought back from Germany for a hat souvenir, which it looks like I never shared in its finished pom-pomed state.

Sarah gave a not-so-subtle hint that she wanted a replica of my blue mobius cowl.Not only was I able to fulfill her request, but thanks to the organization that Ravelry provides, I was able to order the exact same wool for the project... now we'll never know whose is whose.

Mom had request a lacy, slouchy hat, so I knit up this creation for her. It's a pattern I've been working on and have the best of intentions of sharing... soon.

After seeing this crochet-edged scarf, I knew I wanted to try my hand at one and thought they would make good gifts for C's mom and sister.

I have to admit, I didn't sign up for the class, but decided that I would figure out some version on my own. I used one of my favorite large scarves as a template for size ~ making this a big square of cotton fabric. After hemming the fabric on all sides, I went around the edge and made a blanket stitch, that was followed by a foundation round of single crochet stitches, and finally, I went around one more time adding the scalloped edging as follows: make one single crochet into the first foundation stitch (single crochet) from the previous round, *skip two foundation stitches, then double crochet 5 stitches into the next foundation stitch, skip two foundation stitches, then single crochet into the next foundation stitch*. That creates one scallop stitch, repeat the directions between the stars {*} until you have made your way around the scarf.

After finishing and giving the scarves, I realized that their big squarish shape can make it a bit confusing ~ I thought they almost looked like a fancy table cloth rather than a scarf, and C's sister modeled her's as a cape...

Luckily, even with it's large size and the weighted crocheted boarder, the scarf was still flexible enough that it could be worn wrapped loosely {as I did above} or snuggly {see below} around one's neck.

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