Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter 2013 Food

Oh, there's all sorts of catching up to do here, but the semester started, and January is pulling us along faster than I'd like! This is our last winter of calm, and I wouldn't mind if it slowed down. just. a. little. bit.

I'll catch up with the Christmas gifts that were sewn, crocheted, and knitted, but until then, here's a little bit about the food that's fueling our fire. After a couple of years in a row, I'm realizing that it has become a tradition to center my January and February around the collection of cook and craft books that I arrive under every Christmas tree.

This year I'm digging into Rust Fruit Desserts and returning to a gift from last year, Tagines & Couscous.

We arrived home last week to two bags of cranberries that I bought before the holidays and never used. Flipping to the "Winter" section of Rustic Fruits, I found a recipe for Cranberry Buckle, and the January bake-fest started. I baked the recipe without modifications, and the pan was emptied in just a couple of days.

From the Tagine cookbook, I'm finally getting around to preserving my own lemons {an ingredient that's called for in many of the book's recipes}. They recommend Meyer lemons, which we only find in the grocery stores around this time of year. It will take a couple of weeks for the lemons to be ready, giving me plenty of time to decide whether our first tagine dish will be chicken or lamb.

This weeks menu? We have a lot of buttermilk to use up from the holiday baking, so I'm putting it into a loaf of Irish soda bread with raisins and caraway seeds.

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