Friday, December 15, 2006

The Deed is Done!

Tonight was Grey's and knitting with my pals. Minona hosted, and she just happens to have a statue of the Virgin Mary in her front yard. Since winter's coming and Christmas is just around the corner, I hooked Mary up with an early gift:

I like Mary in the dark, but you can't see her brilliant crimson scarf.

SHHHHHH Minona doesn't know! At least not yet. Horray for my first venture into knit-tagging!

Between exams, I've been busy this week unravelling my first sweater and making some great hats.



I was never going to wear the sweater, but the knitting of it was a great learning experience. I love reusing the yarn and the hats are nice and cozy. Plus they are so quick that a few may be used for Christmas presents! They could use some adornment, which will hopefully happen this weekend. After I hand in my stat exam and between oohing and ahhing at the BizBaz!

Horray for holidays and the end of the semester! I'm going to be a happy camper all weekend!

1 comment:

Minona said...

i love the scarf-- and mary will appreciate it when/if it ever snows in somerville this year!

although, when the holidays are over i may decide to give it to ginger, if mary does not mind... :)