Wednesday, December 27, 2006

From Vacation to Vacation!

I had a great Christmas with my family, full of delicious food and fun surprises. One surprise being a new camera, which was used to take all of the pics in today's post!

There's been a lot of crafting going on in the house, and not just from me. Between opening presents and eating, we've been watching some of our favorite Christmas movies while working on different projects. My sister surprised all of us with some "subversive crosstich" presents... they made hillarious presents and I think she has a few requests for next year. My other sister has been busy scrapbooking with her new toys, and my mom has been busy with a variety of projects. Me? I've been busy playing with my camera, adding linings to some of my cosmetic bags. I love the results!!:

I also have these great sock labels to share:

I made the labels a few weeks ago to wrap around the socks I'm giving for Christmas. And here we have the first gifted pair of socks being modeled!:

Ooh, and we have a gifted scarf being modeled:

I made this scarf using size 19 US needles and doing a "double loop" on each stitch. I'm not sure of the proper term for it, but I wrapped the yarn around the needle twice for each stitch. I knit two long, thing segments and then attached them with a piece of ribbon. I finished the scarf with a combination of the yarn and ribbon as fringe.

While I love making gifts, I particularly love the giving of gifts:-D

Now I'm off for a week of snow angels and skiing in Colorado!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

thank god you posted! i was going through withdrawl. so glad to see Kris's scarf...much differnt from the first 300 attempts. it looks great.

glad to hear that the weather cleared up out west. wouldn't it just be terrible if you actually got stuck out there? haha.

oh, you'd be SO proud of the swatch/scarf-like creature that i have been KNITTING :) you're such an inspiration!

enjoy your new year. catch up with you when you thaw!