Sunday, December 03, 2006

Socks, beer, and mischief

School has kept me from blogging, but I've been able to get some knitting (and Christmas decorating!) in.

First, I finished the Falling Leaves socks (see the last post for the link). They are a knitty pattern, and I really enjoyed knitting them! They are a gift, and I think they turned out really well:

**In this shot the green heal looks small, but it's really a normal size.

Last night I went to the Nameless Coffee House in Cambridge and heard some great live music, including Three Tall Pines. They played Bob Dylan's Wagon Wheel last night, and I was in heaven. After the show, we went out for drinks and decided to take a few glamour shots of my felted cosmetic bag:

Now with "model hands":

I want to post a few of the bags on Etsy this week, but it's been challenging to take good pictures of them. I don't know if the bar shots will help, but they were fun:-D.

Finally, the mischief:

This item, knitted with love, is going to be put to use on Thursday evening. Any guesses as to what it is or how it will be used? Could it be a knitted octopus? Why would I knit an octopus? unless I plan on stealing the octopus from the Boston aquarium and replacing it with this... I guess you'll have to wait and see.

And finally, an excellent food tip: Yesterday I made a salad of - spinach, potatos (baked until just soft and added to the salad while warm), fresh rasberries, avocado, blue cheese. Top it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil - the dressing and cheese melt into the potatos and they warm up the rest of the salad just enough to get the flavors to blend. It's great!

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