Sunday, February 11, 2007

Productive weekend

The entrelac scarf is finished and the sunshine lasted long enough for me to get some great pics and enjoy a walk in the arboretum. Now that I have the header figured out, I wanted more winter foliage shots for banners.

The scarf is great, I highly recommend it. I was thinking that with a bulky yarn and larger needles, it would make a great baby blanket.
Pattern - Danica
Needles - size 8 (i think)
Yarn - Patons SWS, 70% wool & 30% soy.

In other news - My counterpane carpet bag/purse is still drying. *hopefully*, i'll sew it up tonight. The one snag in my plan may be that I haven't opened my sewing machine in over a year... sometimes I have trouble getting it working without some motherly help.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

oooh. great scarf...great yarn (i love it too...but of course i has SOY in photos...

nice cows too....

i need a new camera. with every click of yours i am drawn closer and closer to splurging...besides doesn't every mother-to-be need a quality camera? (ah...the rationalizations keep pouring in!)