Friday, February 23, 2007

New Hat.

I finished the green hat last night while knitting with my little knitting group. We are a small group and we seem to get smaller by the week; girls keep moving on to fun and exciting jobs in far away cities!

Anyway, the hat turned out perfect. I used some of my Ironstone Yarns, Harmony. It calls for size 11 needles, but I went down to a size 8. I wanted a hat that would be densely knit, but nice and stretchy when I slipped it on.

The pattern is just a basic hat:
-Cast on 65 stitches.
-Knit two purl two for about an inch (more or less depending upon your preference).
-Knit stockinette stitch until hat is about 5/6 inches long. I try it on until I'm comfortable with the length. That is - until it fits my big head with only a small space uncovered at the top.
-Start Decreases: knit 11 stitches, knit two together. Repeat this four more times. Knit one complete round.
-Repeat the decrease rounds until you try it on and you're happy with the fit.
-Pull the yarn through all remaining 'live' stitches and scrunch closed.

As you can tell, this was a "fly by the seat of my pants" hat, which neither flies nor covers like the seat of my pants.

And -- it goes perfectly with my scarf! Who needs when you can produce this in an evening?

I also baked some lemon bread for the knitting girls. It wasn't as soft and delectable as I wanted, so I may make another loaf this weekend. You can never have enough lemon bread when you're waiting for spring to hurry up and arrive (after I get some good wear out of my hat, of course).

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