Monday, February 05, 2007

To and Fro

I find socks to be the perfect knitting for travel - they're small and don't require a lot of yarn. PLUS - if you're smart* and using the magic loop technique, then there is little chance that stitches will ever fall off your needles while the project is in your bag.

As I go back and forth on the T (Boston speak for subway, El, trolley, etc.) every day, I work on a pair of socks. Right now I'm working on the Monkey socks from this Winter's Knitty. This pattern was easy to memorize, which means that I don't even have to carry a pattern with me!

I've decided that the first sock pattern I design will be named Charlie.

Even in the bitter cold of winter, hydrangea's don't dissapoint -

*You definitely don't have to be smart to use the magic loop method. It's really simple. BUT - if you aren't using it, then you might be a bit crazy. Would you rather have to worry about stitches falling off of 8-10 points of your DOUBLE-pointed needles OR the two lonely points of the circulars? I'm just saying.

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Nicole said...


When you're finished making the socks I feel inspired to ask for a few sock-making lessons so that my first pair of socks can be the Carlie socks!!! I will make them for everyone I know (any maybe two pair for everyone stuck riding sucky-ass SEPTA)....

I should also note that despite having no clue what the Majic Loop method is, or having any experience knitting socks at all, you have me convinced that this is the best method. I'm just saying...