Sunday, May 20, 2007

Busy bee, but not much crafting...

Look at what can happen in ten short days!

An amazing little girl was born to an amazing mom, and I was fortunate enough to experience the event!

Then I ran off to see someone kick butt in a bike race:

That was followed by a large graduation and picnic event. Congrats to all 2007 grads!

And, from event to event we rode around on an awesome red bike:

And between the fun, there was some work, some research, and some (very little) knitting. I finished the body of Glee, but still have the sleeves to work on. There will definitely be a Glee posting this week. I promise. There's also going to be some fun vaca planning. Our current plan is to drive from PA to Mexico to Colorado and end up in Berkeley. All of that should provide a lot of material for posting, so this dry spell is officially over!

And I can't resist, one more pic of the cutie:

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