Saturday, May 26, 2007

City Livin'

Is so delightful when the weather's nice and there's nothing to do but brunch and stroll, which is just what we did this morning. Of course, I took some pictures along the way.

Center City Philly has some really great houses. Sometimes I feel like a tourist, stopping to look at the architecture and then looking up to see the roof lines. What really draws me in is that within any one block the houses are not identical! Even from one house to the next you see different styles and lines. There's so much variety that in the 7 years I've lived in or near the city, I still walk slowly down the street taking time to look at the details. Yet another great feature of this city*

The shots:

And the brunch? Just as amazing as the stroll. What brunch isn't delicious when you start with a platter of oysters? Notice the tiny forks just waiting patiently for the oysters to arrive. slurp.

Ooh! And Glee is done. Here's a shot before blocking: A detailed Glee report will come once I have some pictures of the final item.

Right now the sweater's pinned down and drying, but maybe she'll make her debut at the Dar Concert Under the Stars tomorrow!

Now I'm out the door for a run before the thunder cracks.

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