Monday, September 03, 2007

After about four months away, I'm back in Boston! The traveling back from the west coast was easy, but it was so hard to leave behind the great company and neighborhood in Berkeley! The major changes in the Berkeley to Boston transition:: Article Pract will be replaced by some Boston yarn shops (I still don't have an absolute favorite here in Bean Town). Ici will be replaced by JP licks (this is a trade I'm willing to make, they both have such great homemade ice cream). A mild winter will be replaced by ice and snow and cold. cold. cold.

While waiting in the airport, I had time to put together a book of my summer using Blurb. If you haven't heard about this site yet, check it out! You download a little program and use it to format a book using your text and pictures. Then you can order your book (in hardcover or paperback!) and share it with friends.

Over the weekend I stayed in PA for a visit with my family ~ we're now a family with FOUR siblings in full-time undergrad and grad programs, and luckily we all had some time to come back home and hang out this weekend. It's crazy!

Some end of summer shots around the house.

And lately, no trip home is complete without a stop at the amusement park. I forgot how much fun it is at night. It's great that the park is still dark enough to make the neon lights of the rides really pop out of the dark sky. Let's hope they don't add any bright unnecessary lights because it would definitely decrease the thrill of seeing the rides light up.

Now it's time to make some serious research progress and begin studying for my exams. I'll need something to remind me of the world that exists beyond energy and econ, so I'm sure my knitting time will only suffer by a small margin. Speaking of knitting ~ I have some major progress to share!! *big hint:: Sarcelle scarf and EZ sweater* I haven't taken the update shots yet, so you'll find it in a post later this week.

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