Saturday, September 15, 2007


*note, not only does this post end in knitting news, but also blogger news!*

My typical Friday from September through May goes something like this:

I wake up (earlier than I want to) and head of to my office. Because, if I'm going to have to be there for the mandatory Friday afternoon 3:30 seminar, I might as well get some work done before I. So, I sit at my desk all day, reading, typing, doing work work work. All the while thinking to myself, who decides that Friday afternoon seminars make anyone happy? Why not Friday lunch seminars? This is just a dirty trick to keep us working when we just want to !escape! for the weekend.

3:30 comes, I attend the aforementioned seminar. Unfortunately it's not related to energy or econ, just related to how we use satellites to build maps and collect data on land surface activity. Sounds exciting, right? WRONG. It's just one long math class, but I never took the intro course, so I stay awake and remember that after the seminar comes the free beer and snacks. {So as not to send any bad research karma out into the world, I will say that I try to understand everything you GIS people are telling me, and I love your beautiful maps, but give your presentation some !pep!, get me excited about the new variable you added to your model. That's all I ask.}

The seminar ends and we all filter into the lounge for drinks. We drink, we share stories of our summer. We complain about being back to work. etc etc. Mind you, I haven't eaten since noon, and one beer is enough to give me brilliant ideas (even this morning I think my ideas were brilliant - that's why I'm telling you).

SO ~ I bow out of the party, pack up my work for the weekend and hop on my bike for the 40 minute ride home. BUT ~ about a half mile from my building is Harvard Square (I'm sorry, Hahhhvahhd Square). Harvard Square, the home of Woolcott and Co. and Berks Shoes.

First Stop:: Woolcott for some Malabrigo worsted weight. I cast on last night for Foliage. What color you ask? Well, what would be better for a cozy, fall, apple picking hat than Applewood?!

Next Stop:: Berks. I've been eyeing these online for a while, and now they are mine!

THIS is where the blogger news comes in ~ I think I saw Ms. Grumperina in Berks! I admit, I was too shy to say hi. Grumperina ~ was that you holding the gold pumps as I was leaving the store with my goodies?
And that was only the first Friday seminar of the semester.

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mames said...

no grumps here, but i love the shoes. and the fall colors of the malabrigo are will feel autumn before we do out here in california. missing it at all? coming back after the year? we are possibly heading up to tahoe in october, how i love the northern areas. smiles.