Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning Surprise!

I took a lot of time out to knit this weekend and it was fabulous! I'm officially settled in my Boston digs and there was no need to run out and pick up any supplies for home or the office, so I sat back, listened to weekend NPR (full of my favs like Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, Weekend Morning Edition, etc) and knit.

Although, if my sisters read this post, they'll roll their eyes and snicker at the lameness in my weekend, so I'll have you know that some of the knitting took place while watching Alien 4 and the Saturday Red Sox vs Yankees game (RS won).

The end product is this::I'm in love with this hat. It's cozy with a fun design.

Stats ~

Pattern:: Foliage, Fall Knitty 07
Yarn:: Malabrigo Worsted Weight in Applewood
Modifications:: I went down a needle size (from 7 to 6) in order to make the gauge. I also added about five rows to the ribbing, it still felt a bit short with the 7 rows that the pattern called for.

~ Off to get my measles shot (How often do you hear that?)


kris said...

i don't think your weekend was lame at all. although i was not on a knitting spree i did get some quality npr time in. xoxo

mames said...

i love what you did with the malabrigo, it looks delightfully cozy. measle shot? shots should get yourself a treat for having to go thru that. :)

the Lady said...

Did you use a whole skein of the Malabrigo? Er, what's your headsize, if I may ask? (Trying to do a little research for a future object:-)

Thanks, and nice hat! Looks warm.