Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Blogday to me!

Woohoo! It's my blogiversary or blogday and I'm a bit unprepared for the party. Unfortunately I don't have a contest planned and I didn't put the goodie bags together, but join me in singing::

Happy Blogday to me,
Happy Blogday to me,
Happy Blogday dear Winter Foliage,
Happy Blogday to me*.

Now gather round and we'll play a game of pick up the knitting sticks followed by toss the stitch marker 'round the needle.

This blogday will be spent where it all began:: sitting at my desk. Although after
noon the day gets exciting, first there's a trip to a local wind farm
and then there's some Friday night knitting with the group! What better
way to spend ablogday?!

Here's a flashback to a project I was
working on last fall. It's a teapot cozy made from angora and wool
(that tea is nice and warm). This was given as a wedding gift
(including the teapot and some tea) to a lovely couple. Let's hope
they're having a cuppa' right now.

If all goes well I'll have another post for you later tonight or tomorrow in the am with some full updates (including that EZ sweater that's been mentioned but never shown).

*In keeping with copyright standards, I'm hoping you all sung that to your own tune.

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Nicole said...

I'd say your present is in the mail but i don't have your new address.