Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quick Study Break

Just a short break from the studying to share a few things::

I started this EZ February Baby sweater during Obama's speech on Thursday evening. After a few frustrating days of studying (it's hard to study when the weather's beautiful!), I took off Thursday night to listen to the DNC and do some knitting. I already had the yarn on hand, so starting the sweater at the spur of the moment was no problem.

You might not be able to tell from the picture, but this sweater is that "baby green" color, you know, the one that's always on the shelf next to the baby pinks and blues. I'm starting to feel like this minty green color is a bit over-used for baby stuff, maybe I'm wrong? I have some dark brown yarn of the same variety, so I might try to make a brown and green bonnet to go with the sweater, maybe it'll make the green more sophisticated and less pastel-baby? I'll keep you updated!

And here's another product of our tie-dying adventure::

Enjoy the long weekend!


the Lady said...

Ooh, nice shirt. I think baby green is more interesting than baby blue & pink, but you've seen the colors I go after for baby knits - I think they're more interesting alltogether!

Nicole said...

I have been wanting to start this sweater but I'm intimidated by the short instructions....I'm going to watch your progress into something sweet and then try my hand at it.

When you've finished: 1. I'll know that it is totally possible, and 2. You will have just finished it so you can help me through the stuck parts....

ps. I like minty green in moderation. It's sweet. Much better than the other pastels.