Sunday, November 16, 2008


Notice: This blog is suffering from a period of uncooperative weather.

It's been downright overcast, foggy, gloomy, misty, rainy; should I go on? It's making all pictures hazy and not blog-worthy. But do not fear, spirits are high ~ the upside of this weather pattern is that it encourages cozy evenings inside crafting, and there's been plenty of that!

Here you have the shot cotton scarf::
The scarf is made from Spool's kit. This is the simplest scarf to make, and I love the rough edges that show off the different colored fibers used to weave the shot cotton.

And I have the inspiration for my next stenciled shirt::
This is a picture I took of an Alexander Calder mobile that was in Philadelphia's Calder Park a few years ago {I think the mobile is gone now, but other Calder's remain}. Once the weather advisory has been lifted, pictures of the shirt will follow... stay tuned.

Enjoy your Sunday*

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