Saturday, November 22, 2008

WTF Fridays

Here's a little segment we're calling What the F*ck Fridays {all in good fun!}.

WTF #1 ~ Cold weather? It sure knocked me on my ass. Good thing I did a little knitting while burrowed under my mountain of covers::

WTF #2 ~ My right leg? It's shorter than my left. Check out this close-up of my pants bottoms::
Notice that the cuffs of my right legs have taken a trip through the wood chipper... ok, some have just taken a whirl through the paper shredder, but the wood chipper is next, I feel it coming with each step. You can click on that picture if you need a close-up of the damage.

WTF #3 ~ Same pattern, four times, FOUR DIFFERENT SIZES!WTF?

WTF #4 ~ It's Saturday.

Well now that that's taken care of, I'm off for a week in California! I'm sure there will be a couple of fun in the sun posts coming your way*


sarah said...

i hate you :(
i loved every picture and caption
and the hats are beautiful
..i hate you bc i miss you and I want to be in Cali

mames said...

e the last one, the hats all different sizes. i always wtf my gauge, mainly because i refuse to check it.

hope california is nice to you, are you up north?

the Lady said...

Beautiful hats!

krissy said...

ditto to sarah's comment but i can't wait until christmas when you can be home with us. and maybe you should consider putting extra heel height on your shoes on the right leg... nice knitting!

Nicole said...

WTF: My right foot. My right foot is 1/2 size smaller than my left foot. Sounds rather funny...but truth be told it is a HUGE pain in the ass. I have the hardest time buying shoes. They won't let you mix and match sizes ANYWHERE! So, I've been buying shoes that are sort of a fit for both feet and then wearing them in because I refuse to buy two pairs. Ugh.

I feel your pain.