Sunday, November 09, 2008

ya give sum, ya get sum

A post of gifts given and received.

From Emily some amazing gifts from Africa. I'm so touched by her package, which included such a fun mix of goodies. I feel bad that I haven't captured them all for this post, but that just leaves more fun for another time* Check out this amazingly large bag:: I filled it with all of the projects I wanted to photograph today while on my walk in the woods.

Included in her package were these amazing buttons and the beautiful bracelet:: Wow, the pressure is on to make some special projects for those buttons...{EMILY ~ did you get my emails!?}

I'm working on some new crafts for this holiday season, including the famous freezer paper stencils. This is my first creation (yes, the shirt is very wrinkled, but you'll get a better shot soon, sorry!)::

The stencil is based upon this picture that I took on the west coast::

And finally, a belated gift::New socks for your birthday mom!

Oh, just one more thing ~ some mushrooms from my walk today, a little gift from the mushroom gods::


Emily said...

I love me your blog so much - it's seriously my favorite one I read because it's so beautiful and creative. I'm so glad you enjoyed the gifts! I think your email address is blocked on my gmail or something-so strange. It's like Google doesn't want us to maintain our long distance larve...? How did you make that awesome shirt?

mames said...

the stencil is brilliant, so simple. and what is better than california inspiration? wanna trade a turkey for a stencil, just kidding, i am trying t link to the turkey pdf right now. (mock puling of hair) makes me wish i understood computers better