Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Forever Catching Up! or not...

Again, I feel behind in the blogging! But then... I sat down to blog and realized that I need to shake that feeling, I'm not catching up, I'm just filling you in, hopefully sooner rather than later ;-)

Word on the street is we're expecting more snow this week. I took advantage of the slight warm front to take a long walk Friday afternoon, walking from downtown Boston to Harvard Square. The whole trip was along the frozen Charles::

A while back I posted a picture of graffiti on a bridge over the Charles, it said "Do Work Boston". I can't find that picture right now, but it's in the archives somewhere...Anywho, on Friday I noticed that someone updated the message::huh? don't worry, I'll give you an update if any more details appear...

Once in Harvard Square, I stopped by one of my favorite little shops, Black Ink::
{sorry for the blurry picture, sometimes I feel a little funny taking random pictures}

And the rest of the weekend? It was either spent studying or preparing for the impending doom that is mid-winter. I finished a new pair of mitered mittens for myself::These are knit with Noro Kochoran, a lovely wool, silk, angora blend. I knit these tightly, and they've definitely passed the wind test, not letting any cool breezes between the stitches!

Next, I dug an old project out of my closet::
This scarf is a mohair *wrap* that I finished three years ago and n-e-v-e-r wore. Somehow I didn't appreciate it's cozy warmth until I was confronted by the single digits this year. It's just three skeins of kidsilk haze mohair knit in stockinette in the round. As I mentioned, this is supposed to be a wrap, and it still could be, but I think I'll get much more use out of it by wrapping it around my neck like a scarf. It's fun feature is that whether worn as a wrap or as a scarf, I can slide a colorful silk scarf up the middle to add some fun.

And now, some new bloggity-blog goodness!::
~After a few requests, I've finally posted the second Double Knitting Tutorial! You can easily find it by clicking on the link to the right {or you can just scroll down| it's the post right before this one}
~AND, there's another Schu blog out there, check out my sister's photography work on her blog schubox.


kristin said...

omg. a few things, never feel funny taking random pictures because all your shots come out awesome (they should consider the shot free advertising) 2. woohoo for the double knitting tutorial! 3. sweet mittens-i finally had to buy myself some and windblocking was numero uno. love.

Nicole said...

Great to "see" you again. I've been checking your blog about 2Xs a day. (A big obsessive, maybe) I feel like our holiday knitting weekend was more like 3 months ago and not just last month.

The mittens look great. Nice and fuzzy too. xoxo

I'm having a tough time finding my next project. How strange is that??