Friday, January 30, 2009

The Gifts that I'm loving

I shared {almost} all of the gifts I made and gave at Christmas, and now, finally, it's time to share some of the awesomeness I received.

{Mushroom Pillowcases}
artist ~ my sister Sarah
medium ~ freezer paper stencil, tie-dye, awesomeness

{Dyed Hoodie}
artist ~ my sister Kris
medium ~ sweat, shirt, tie-dye, awesomeness

artist ~ my almost sister Nik
medium ~ Shrub {made from apple cider vinegar & fresh fruit}, Organic Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Teas!, and awesomeness

artist ~ Flossie
medium ~ fresh roasted beans, and a cinnamon stick, oh, and awesomeness

What am I doing right now, on this Friday evening? Well, of course I'm grinding coffee beans for the morning, at which point my coffee will be sweetened with some vanilla sugar, sipping a shrub, while dawning my hoodie. oh, wait, now I'm resting my head on a bed of mushrooms.

ps ~ I'm a night owl and I have a picture to prove it. coming soon.

Happy Weekend*

1 comment:

mames said...

all the swesome-ness is overwhelming. in a good way. makes one embrace giving. and receiving