Friday, January 16, 2009

On with it then...

It's time to get back to some regular posting!

I love the December rush of gift preparation, and the giving that lightens my knitting basket, but this year I've noticed that I still have a pile of work in progress. Lucky you ~ that means there's plenty of material to keep me posting for a while {if my fingers don't freeze from this cold front first!}.

But, to keep up with the flow of my recent posts, I'll do some catching up before moving on to the new material.

Before leaving the west coast, I spent a fab day in San Francisco* with an old friend. Our first stop of the morning was Bluebottle Coffee. As has been the norm in the Bay Area, it's yet another great coffee shop. With each order you can choose your method of brewing {french press, drip, Mokka Pot, espresso}. The Mokka Pot::

We rode the street cars all over town, stopping at Rare Device and Doe along with a few other little shops. I did all of the window shopping and my friend did all of the real shopping.

Our evening started with crepes and ciders at Ti-Couz. yum.

All of that was followed by a crazy showing of Beowulf:A Thousand Years of Baggage (a 'songplay'). This was a special showing in a warehouse where a couple of our friends live. The house was packed, so we hid away on the second floor and watched through the railing while sipping some G&Ts. yum again.

Around two in the morning, we were leaving the warehouse and came upon this site::
A ginourmous fire. so gigantic that C called the fire department. Then poof, it was out as quickly as it started. Little did we know someone lit two Christmas trees on fire. Someone was having fun with fire, unfortunately the firemen weren't quite as amused when they showed up to just a pile of smoldering pine needles.

*I highly recommend all of the links for a nice and easy jaunt through the city.*

And between all of this there was some knitting as I showed C's sister how to make a hat! My hat turned out a bit large, but it was such a fast project that I should have no trouble re-knitting a smaller version.

And I'll leave you with a lovely little picture of C's corner as I left it::
Next up, some February sweaters just in time for February... who would have thought?

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the Lady said...

Fun! He lives within walking distance of my little corner! I go to that B of A all the time!