Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Since my last post, I ~

~ left the Philly airport with its beautiful artwork::

~ packed up the car, turned around and left California for Colorado::

~ skied::

~ gifted these mittens::

~ mastered the art of French cooking::

~ admired this knitting::

~ enjoyed the results from a good snow storm::

~ worked on my February Lady Sweater::

~ practiced my Christmas gift::

~ piled in the car again::

~ stopped in Wells for breakfast::

And here I am, back in California! I'm catching up on work and getting ready for the start of another semester {soon, the bags will be packed, and I'll be on my way to Boston}.


the Lady said...

What a cool use for a colander! And a violin, how exciting!

Nicole said...

Holy activities, Batman!

I'm glad you're having a great time hanging, skiing, playing, tuning, browsing your new cookbook, and playing with fine yarn. The sweater looks great. I'm about to finish up my first arm! WooooHooo!

Can't wait to chat when you get home.