Thursday, April 16, 2009

evening knitting

It's Friday! And I have a standing knitting date with a local friend. Tonight, while throwing back some G&Ts, I'll be working on Vivian::
The cables are coming along nicely with the guidance of some beautiful stitch markers made by Flossie! *thanks!* These are perfect; the different colored beads are helping me to keep track of the different cables.

There's a chance that I'll experience quite a few cool evenings this summer. C and I are working on plans for another trip meandering from the east coast to the west {hitch-hiking family members are welcome!}. Last summer we hit snow in June, and the summer before we experienced one of the chilliest seasons in Berkeley. What did G.W. say about fooling me twice?... so I'm entering this summer prepared with a new, cozy sweater.

But, more immediate, my goal for the evening? To not let the G&Ts jumble my cables.


mames said...

feeling a bit envious of the proposed meanderings...stop in if you dip south. :)

Nicole said...

Oooh... Nice stitch markers. Are they the ones that Flossy made?

You're making me dream of cables. :)
One obsession at a time. One at a time.