Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A little lamb, dressed in wool

I'm hoping that the following picture* makes up for the complete lack of content around here!

Are you still reading? Probably not, you're probably drooling over the baby goodness that is little Madeline {there's a line over that i} Schwartz. She's modeling the Trellis I knit in anticipation of her arrival. I don't think that any of my knits have ever looked so good, so it looks like I'll be sending everything to Maddie for the modeling.

I posted details about the sweater here. I knit the pattern to be a newborn size; the smallest listed was 6 months. Seeing the picture, I let out a sigh of relief knowing that (1) it's not too small yet, and (2) that it's not too big - I would rather it fit her now while the weather's cooler and not in a couple of months when it's too warm for wool!

*Complete credit for the photo and the model goes to Nik.

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