Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Soundtrack

WBUR in Boston used to play Weekend America, before the show was canceled. When I found out, I was totally bummed. Weekend America was a completely awesome mix of stories and news - filled with little tidbits of info about what was happening in different cities and towns that particular weekend. It also had this little segment called Weekend Soundtrack ~ people would call in with a song that they thought represented their weekend and they would talk for a minute or two about what the song meant to them. It was a small part of the show, but I really liked it, and it would remind me to get a little bit of music into my week between the hours listening to all of the talk shows on NPR.

Here's my Monday Soundtrack :: Long Monday by John Prine I think the studio version on the CD is better, but I couldn't find that on youtube...and I love that the lady with the twang in her voice sings along for two words in the middle of the video. I just discovered John Prine this year, and I really like his voice. This song's on my MP3 player {thanks Jeff!}, and I honestly listen to it every Monday, sometimes putting it on repeat. For me there's comfort in someone else saying that Monday's going to be long, and the love story makes me smile* (even more than the rhyming of chablis with honeybee).

But summer's just around the corner,so I'm sure my Mondays will be more relaxed... maybe even like this::... it's so tempting to stay home from school tomorrow with scissors and paper... but I can't let Mr. Prine down.

I hope you're all having a long, but happy Monday*

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