Thursday, December 10, 2009

Signs of the Season

Christmas magic is definitely in the air... and it kills me that I can't share all of the crafty projects going on over here.
This is what will happen:: I'll stay mum, my fingers will stay busy crafting, and then, I'll forget to share half of these projects and the fun details of their creation once they are gifted. BUT here's to trying {as we clink our glasses of eggnog in good cheer}.

Before the gift frenzy started, I knit up a new Thorpe for the season:: This one is without the garter stitch border, but with a chin strap. It sort of looks like a cross between an old, leather football helmet and a flying cap that Amelia Earhart* would where, right?

Now, assuming I know my audience, the receiver of this next hat won't be the wiser. It's Botanic, a fun and quick knit. This one with a combination of Malabrigo worsted {lovely and soft merino wool} and Kathmandu Aran {a wonderful silk, cashmere, wool blend}. So soft and warm, I want to keep it for myself, but that's not in the spirit of the season, now is it?
And finally, I've been keeping such odd hours lately. As a result most of my foliage viewing is happening under the moon {and street lamps}::

*wouldn't it be more appropriate to spell her last name Airheart?


mames said...

hi katie, glad to help inspire and hope the end of the semester is treating you kindly.

i love the thorpe hat, such a cute pattern. last year i did so many hand knits and forgot to photo at least 60%. bummer. this year, no knit gifts, a nice relief.

Anonymous said...

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Emily said...

love the button! we moved back and i would love to see you lady. going to philly any time soon? perhaps we can meet half way?