Monday, December 14, 2009

Soundtrack Monday

... with a dash of Christmas. These are going out in the mail today to be used on that big tree we captured over Thanksgiving break ~ one for everyone in the house. I forgot to include some perspective in the picture ~ they're about 4 inches long from cuff to toe. Just big enough to be filled with a couple of sweets or a tiny surprise if the elves are being sneaky.

Most of the patterns I made up as I went along, but the Christmas tree and blue zig-zags came from here. I'm particularly happy with the holly and berries ~ I made little knitted bobbles for each of the berries. And finally, the backdrop is an old sweater knit by grandmother, showing the signs of a well-loved sweater: the seams starting to unravel, and it's more felt than knit.

On to the day's music. I listened to this album on repeat yesterday while grading exams. Happy Monday*


krissy schu said...

those mini-stockings look awesome! i am jealous of your christmas spirit, you seem to be as busy as an elf up there! can't wait till christmas-hohoho!

Nicole said...

So sweet. The smaller the sweeter.
And the mobius baskets are making me drool.