Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wednesday Soundtrack

But first ~ a finished sweater!

This was the great Christmas 2009 Roadtrip sweater. Then, it languished in the knitting basket, waiting for me to decide upon buttons and such.

I agreed with the comments, something natural was the way to go ~ I was thinking either dark wood or leather, but I have so many great buttons that I didn't really want to go out and buy some more... so the sweater sat in a clump while I mulled the options in my collection. Then, finally ~ I opened the one jar that's full of a mixture of unsorted buttons, and I found these perfect little guys. I'm not sure exactly what the material is {it's not wood or leather}, but it is that perfect dark brown color I was looking for, and my search was finally over. I like this sweater, but there are a few things I'm not too sure about::
-The yarn seems awfully stretchy, and I can't tell if the whole thing's going to start to droop over time
-In person, the ribbed button band looked ok, but once I saw it on these pictures, it looks a little too wide, and a little but funky near the neck... I may have to work on this, but I'm feeling way to lazy to go back and decrease the width. What do you think?
-I'm having such a hard time sizing sweaters. With the owl sweater, I wanted something snug, but not tight. I love the way it feels on me, but maybe it looks too small?... now with this sweater, I wanted to make sure the sweater didn't look too tight, so I purposefully knit it to match my measurements, but because of the aforementioned stretchiness, I think a bit of negative ease might have been a good thing.
-... and maybe I'm just over thinking the sweaters too much.

Enough of that, here's Pomplamoose! Um, they're awesome... what more can be said? They were interviewed on NPR last Sunday and I realized that they've never made it to the front of my Wedesnday Soundtrack list. It's time, enjoy*


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the Lady said...

I think the sweater looks fine. The yarn looks quite nice and squishy. Actually, if I look super close, the buttons don't seem to be evenly spaced, but I could be wrong, and it wasn't until I really really looked that I noticed anything. So unless it drives you nuts, who cares? Though if it does drive you nuts, it probably always will, and you should just rip and re knit and get it over with. Ask me how I know. ugh.

Nicole said...

Perfection. It looks great. I'm sad that you've neglected this beauty for so long. Meany!

Next time I'm near your knitting the social worker in me is going to take custody of any other handknits that are being smoooshed into some dark basket just begging to be worn!