Sunday, January 03, 2010

White Out

Eek, you're right, this little update is overdue. We'll start with some of the scenes from the past couple of weeks and before the parade of crafty gifts begins.

We've been traveling from one snow storm to the next. It began with a touch of a white Christmas on the East Coast::

I can say without a doubt that the wood stove kept this little house nice and cozy!::

Then it was off to California. California ~ the land of sunshine, rainbows, and piles of snow::
As I've come to witness over the years, the snow in the Sierras is high enough to make any East Coaster jealous {particularly those hankering for a good sled ride or a white Christmas}.

After the grueling hike up the mountain, we get to turn around and take in the view::

Then it was off to Colorado by way of Moab. We were hoping to see Arches in the snow, but as our luck would have it we arrived in the middle of a big storm and the roads into the park were closed. We did spend a fantabulous evening camping along the Colorado river. Only days away from the full moon, we were able to take some fun night shots. How's this one for next year's Christmas card?:: {this is straight from the camera, so if it's hard to see, you may want to click on it for a better view}

We didn't see any sheep::

We finally caught a glimpse of the sun somewhere near the Colorado/Utah border::
And now, for the past couple of days we've settled into a routine of skiing, napping, skiing, napping... it's rough.

Until next time, I'll leave you with some Christmas embroidery::


Nicole said...

YES! This is exactly what I needed.
Hope you're all bundled up in wool knits (except for you, C...cause you're not friends with the sheepy fleece..).

Miss you!

Anonymous said...
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