Thursday, May 27, 2010

More :: Vessels

The first round of vessel can be found here. I'm lucky enough to live in a Boston neighborhood overflowing with competing thrift and antique stores. This means that after a walk around the neighborhood, I usually come home with a few new treasures {mostly from the thrift stores, the the antique shops are a bit hard on the wallet, so they just provide eye candy!}
The big glass jar was purchased along with a lovely old projection screen {but that's not a vessel}. My plan was to immediately clean out the jar and fill it with dried beans or some other grain. As it sat on the counter, two things came to mind 1. maybe I don't need that many beans at one time, and 2. wouldn't this make a great terrarium? Whatever it becomes, I'll sure to keep you updated. The two smaller crocks were purchased on my walk about a week later. I'm not sure what to do with these yet, but I'm enjoying my growing vessel collection!

Next up, a lovely piece of pottery::
This fern is a new addition to our menagerie of houseplants. It was purchased in a cheap plastic pot, and I was on the lookout for a nicer alternative, and I think I found it! Now the fern's thriving in our bathroom ~ we put it on a windowsill inside the shower ~ it isn't hit directly with the water, but enjoys a full bathing in steam a couple of times a day. Plants in the bathroom : awesome.

Enjoy the long weekend, I'm sure I'll be taking another walk around the neighborhood looking for new treasures*

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sarah said...

The jar looks great! I thought of a terrarium before I even read through your blog, so you should definitely do it. I have been wanting to make one since I visited the City Gardener in Northern Libs. They have really great ones there, but really over priced and i think it would be nice to make my own anyway..maybe bury a little treasure in the dirt too.