Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mirror mirror on the floor.

It's time to revisit the bedroom. This wall in particular:: The mirror's on the floor because we never got around to putting it in its proper place. It's supposed to be turned 90 degrees and attached to the dresser on its right. After a few days of its sitting on the floor, we realized that we loved it as a full-size mirror. Plus, I like the way the dresser looks without having this big mirror attached!

The only problem? It's a bit too short, cutting us off from the shoulders up. Hanging the mirror was out of the question, because, like its dresser counterpart, this piece weighs a ton and a half.

I wanted some sort of foot or base to place the mirror on, but credit for the final design goes to my pop (he built it too!):: A pair of legs each with a shelf that the mirror will sit on. When it's in place, it resembles an easel.
A mini can of glossy black paint was all it took to make the legs match the mirror.

You'll have to excuse this last picture. It looks a bit wonky because I was in a hurry. But! I have one more idea to address the big blank space over the dresser and finish off the wall (it may or may not have something to do with the curtain rod caught in the photo). Once that's done, you'll get a better look at the mirror on its new legs. Good picture or not, this simple project makes a big impact. The mirror's at the right height, and it looks more like a piece of furniture (rather than just a mirror leaning against the wall), something I didn't think about when starting this project.

*Final note ~ There's one more thing I didn't really think about until placing the mirror on the legs. This project is a great solution for our home of two, somewhat grown-up adults, but if you have kids in the house (the kind that run around, bang into things, and possibly knock things over), this would definitely fit into the unsafe category. The heavy mirror falling off the legs would not be a pretty site. I think it could be easily fixed by securing the top of the mirror and even the legs to the wall.

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