Saturday, February 12, 2011

There it goes again!

Another week just flew right by. You could say it slipped through my fingers like... miles of yarn. hardy har har.
Inspired by the heart bunting, I got to work on this year's valentines. Using some crochet thread, and a mini hook, I made small heart buntings! I then attached each bunting to a blank card - I cut slits into two sides of the card and slipped in the end of the bunting. That way it's easily removable and the recipient can take it off and hang it somewhere fun!

This project was simple, I crocheted the first two rounds of the larger hearts from this pattern. The original pattern for the bunting calls for crocheting each of the hearts individually and then connecting them with the crocheted chain. But with something this small, I'd rather avoid weaving in as many ends as possible, so I started with a chain of 30 stitches, made one heart, continued with a chain of 20, then another heart, etc. And wha-la no ends!

Other news? I finally {FINALLY} started to play with my camera. It took the cloudy, dark days to finally push me over the edge, and with just a few tweaks, we go from dark to clear and lovely. Exhibit No. 1::
Not perfect, but a nice improvement for photos straight from the camera.

Exhibit No. 2, Compare this bunting, to the sad shots in the previous post {found here along with some more info about the bunting}, and I think you'll notice some improvement! ::


kristin said...

I just opened my gorgeous hearts!!! Thank you so much, they are adorning my white owl for the season. such great handiwork, had I not read this post I seriously would have thought store bought, perfect! xoxoxo,

kristin said...

just opened my hearts and they are beautiful!! Thank you so much, gorgeous. xoxoxo,